CATS Castlist Database

The aim of this website is to build a database which contains CATS castlists from all over the world. It’s supposed to grow and be completed steadily.

To simplify the searching of particular cats, the lists are categorized in continents and productions. The productions can be found on the right side bar. The castlists are sorted in descending order.

The search box which can be also found on the right side bar makes it easier to browse through the datebase and find specific productions, dates, characters and actors/actresses who have played in the show. Tip: for more precise results, try to write the search keyword(s) in quotes (e.g. “John Partridge”).

Note: if you are using a mobile phone, the side bar can be found beneath the posts instead of on the right side.

If you spot a mistake, you can write a comment under the particular list.

This site is still in a very early state. If you own castlists and want to share them, please send them to me via the contact form which you can find unter the link Contribute. I need help for many productions, especially Mexico City 1991, US Tour IV, US Tour V (Troika Tour), World Tour, Asia-Pacific Tour, and many others. Here you can find a list of what I am looking for.

The database currently contains 162 castlists from 50 productions. It was last updated at 21 November 2015.

I hope you have fun while browsing through the site.